A literary analysis and a comparison of the journey of odysseus and aeneas

Comparison of Aeneas and Odysseus: Initially Aeneas wanders in the Mediterranean as the Aeneid opens, with everything that remains of his past loaded into a ship. Odyssey and Greece The Greek culture started long before the Romans, and thief civilization performed through smaller governments.

Similarly Odysseus is uncovered from his crew as well as his direction many times, then from storms which took out his ship, particularly the one conjured by Poseidon after the plead by Athena to him, then to winds which blow him off; he was brought about by a leather sack which had been given to him by Aeolus the king and which contained all the Wind Storms.

Since Virgil and Augustus were friends and Virgil was a devout scribe and Roman citizen, he fundamentally created a work that would reflect his opinions and feelings about Rome, and the emperor.

Thus, even though Odyssey also has tragic events in the course of his voyage, there is a chance for him to obtain peace.

It was then that Athena, the goddess that favored Odysseus begged Zeus to help Odysseus get home. Real, in terms that there is one existing written text in Latin about the epic Aeneid by a poet named Virgil. This individual would be a hero, and in him has the power to overcome all obstacles to complete his epical journey and destination.

Regardless of all this, he still carries on and does not give up. AAeneas knows that his battles are meant to benefit others, and he accepts this and fights harder for it. Prestige and reputation are important for Greeks; we could say they are selfish, self-centered and self-absorbed.

A comprehensive analysis on the personal traits of the two main protagonists, namely, Odysseus and Aeneas, alongside their journey and the things that they encounter along the way, would also be given light.

Aeneas at all the time was fulfilling his duty to family, the country as well as to his gods, even when he was de-motivated. Both stories end after the end of Trojan war, when two heroes have to sail on a journey.

He compares his hero Aeneas, father of Rome, to the Greek Odysseus, and every time — especially from the Roman perspective — Aeneas is the victor. In contrast Aeneas is portrayed as someone who is faced with hard times in arriving at decisions for him and he is seen to wait for some definite signal and presumption prior to taking any action.

After his first stage of havoc, Odysseus resists the song of the Seirenes, and sails They also believe that even though dead, their love ones could still communicate with them, but death is something unpleasant and feared even by Greek heroes.

The poem is divided into two, the first six of the twelve books acquaints us with his journey from Troy to Italy, while the second half, relays of the victory of Trojans over Latins when Aeneas was able to kill Turnus.

Because Aeneas is submissive to the gods, he will win in battle and will ultimately reach his goal — to build a city where he and his fellow countrymen can live peaceful, ordered lives. Greeks exercised individualism unknowingly. Comparison of Aeneas and Odysseus: Odysseus, as the classic definition of his name suggests, is truly and individual who causes great trouble.

Odyssey and Aeneid: Comparative Analysis Essay Sample

These traits can be observed at the happenings taking place on the Cyclopes Island. This is shown when he accepts and shows willingness of going into the underworld to ask his father Anchises for advice and wisdom in establishing of his kingdom.

In his Aeneid, Virgil highlights the comparison between the Romans and their cultural predecessors, the Greeks.

Custom Odysseus and Aeneas Essay

The Greek gods are often depicted as mischievous and frequently interfere with human lives. After hearing the prophecies, Aeneas is determined to fulfill his mission despite obstacles that might hinder his progress. In conclusion we can say that Aeneas and Odysseus are really two great heroes in the Greek mythology.

Nonetheless, Aeneas is not given the chance of entering the underworld without the fabled golden bough and only men specifically authorized by the gods could fetch it at all. Aeneas, a brave warrior, never allows his emotions to cloud his sense of duty.

This inevitably led them to compare themselves to those that had come before. The reason why Aeneid remains to have a strong influence among Roman poets and historians because they have a definite text to compare to.

In the end of the story Turnus, Prince of Latium, kills Pallas.

Odysseus & Aeneas

Thus, the story of Aeneas is a story of losses and tragedies in the first place. Here, Odysseus willingly sacrificed six of his men to save the ship. If there is any possibility that a comparison could be made with the famous journeys of Odysseus and Aeneas, it must be known that Aeneas is actually a hero in search of his own soul while Odysseus is a hero trying to find his old life and in a sense, his old soul.

Aeneid and Odyssey - A Comparison between Aeneas, Achilles and Odysseus Words 5 Pages A comparison between Virgil's hero, Aeneas, and the Homeric heroes, Achilles and Odysseus, brings up the question concerning the relevance of the difference between the Homeric heroes and Aeneas. Aeneas and Odysseus are among the two most prominent personalities Greek mythology.

Comparison of Aeneas and Odysseus: Heroes & Journey

They are taken to be two of the greatest heroes in from their places. Perceptibly, the two characters have some similarities as well as distinctions due to various reasons. The Odyssey Literary Analysis Is a good leader classified as one who personally gains a lot or one who benefits his or her community at large?

After fighting in the brutal Trojan War, Odysseus travels the sea in hopes of returning to Ithaca, his homeland, and his wife and son, Penelope and Telemachus. Odysseus embarks on a dangerous journey. He draws literary parallels to Homer to emphasize his point. The characters of Aeneas and Odysseus are microcosms of their respective cultures.

Through a comparison of the hero Aeneas to the hero Odysseus, Virgil shows that the Romans are the superior culture.

Comparison of Aeneas and Odysseus: Heroes & Journey

Odysseus & Aeneas By: Chance E-mail: [email protected] If there is any possibility that a comparison could be made with the famous journeys of Odysseus and Aeneas, it must be known that Aeneas is actually a hero in search of his own soul while Odysseus is a hero trying to find his old life and in a sense, his old soul.

A literary analysis and a comparison of the journey of odysseus and aeneas
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