A surrogate motherhood pros and cons

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What are the Qualifications to be a Surrogate?

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The health of both mother and child during the progress of the surrogacy is of the highest concern, which means a certain amount of responsibility is being placed upon the surrogate's shoulders.

Must have given birth to and be raising at least one child Must have had uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries with documentation in prenatal and delivery records A surrogate mother must have experience with bearing children.

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Gestational surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman carries and delivers a baby for another person or couple. The woman who carries the baby is the gestational surrogate, or gestational carrier.

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The parents-to-be are known as the intended parents, and they are involved in the pregnancy, can be. Types of surrogacy. The fertilisation of the egg may take place in a number of ways, each of which has implications for the genetic relationship of the resulting child with the surrogate and the future parents.

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There are two main types of surrogacy: gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. In the United States, gestational surrogacy is more common than traditional surrogacy.

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What makes a good surrogate? Many things – compassion and commitment are just two of the qualities we see in the women we work with. My research interests are within the field of Health Psychology, including psychological impact of disease, factors influencing coping and adjustment to disease, evaluation of health services, health education and behavioural interventions, measurement, evaluation and interventions within health professional-patient communication, predictors of treatment compliance, psychometric measurement.

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