An analysis of relationship marketing and its impact on consumer behavior

The Effect of Consumer Behaviour in Marketing of an Organization

On the basis of the preceding discussion we propose the following: The male self is "defined through separation" and the female self is one "delineated through connection" Gilligan a p. Because women have been primary caregivers the childhood of girls differs fundamentally from that of boys.

Research needs to concentrate on delineating the boundary conditions under which this strategy will be most effective. The proposed framework will use both biological sex and gender identity as explanatory individual antecedents to the propensity to engage in marketing relationships.

Study of Relationship Marketing and Its Impact on Consumer Behavior&nbspTerm Paper

Hence our final propositions dealing with gender are: She discussed how this tendency develops from a psychoanalytic viewpoint. Business Courses at Ashford University. Twitter follow us Consumer Behaviour and the Marketing Strategy by Adelene Wed 29 Jun Consumer behaviour is the study of the way people seek, purchase, use, evaluate and dispose of products and services.

The self is shaped through interactions with groups, and leads to differences in social behavior Triandis We will discuss the predicted effect of each dimension and the resulting implications for relationship marketing.

In feminine countries like Chile, Portugal, and Thailand, since decision-making is participative and compromises the watchword for maintaining friendly working conditions, it is suggested that they are more prone to relationship formation. Attitudes, beliefs, intentions, norms, roles, and values are aspects of the self.

While some products are linked to biological sex for example feminine hygiene productsothers have a feminine or masculine image that is not necessarily connected to biological sex for example hand lotion has a feminine image.

The Effect of Consumer Behaviour in Marketing of an Organization

This is known as segmenting the market. For large chain stores, retaining customers is not as significant, because there are always more customers coming in to replace those that choose not to return. Customer relationship management is an essential component in any successful firm.

The relationships the consumer has with either the corporate entity for example Citibankor the product for example their checking accountare probably secondary concerns in this example. Data is obtained from a variety of sources such as marketing databases, sales history and the Internet.

In addition, they have the added responsibility of continuing to build relationships with new customers so that their base of shoppers will increase, thus increasing their profits and what they are able to do for the customers that they have.

For example, marketers targeting consumers will a low income in a low socio-economic area will have to be particularly price conscious when pricing their items. In fact, the distinction between relational and transactional consumers may vary depending on the product or service. High power distance countries e.

Having impact on consumer behavior means being able to change consumer's perception of the product or service in order to build a relation between the company and its clients.

The term used by marketers in order to define this relation building process is known as relationship marketing. The impact of consumer behavior on society is also of relevance.

For example, aggressive marketing of high fat foods, or aggressive marketing of easy credit, may have serious repercussions for the national health and economy.

In his empirical analysis of consumer behaviour and its affectation by marketing initiatives, Foxall () argues that marketing interventions provide reinforcement of the anticipated result or features of a given product while simultaneously modifying the scope of consumer settings (i.e.

purchase intent, brand loyalty, etc.). This investigation seeks to expand upon the relationship between consumer behaviour and marketing, highlighting those mechanisms that can contribute to more effective marketing practices.

the diversification of communication channels and its impact on consumer behaviour in the past decade has had direct and remarkable influences purchasing. Understanding consumer behavior is a vital aspect of marketing.

Consumer behavior is the study of how people make decisions about what they buy, want, need, or act in regards to a product, service. To investigate into the various dimensions of relationship marketing and their impact on direct consumer buying behavior.

To analyze the various methods of relationship marketing adopted by Tesco plc and how it affects its consumer's buying behavior.

An analysis of relationship marketing and its impact on consumer behavior
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