Constitutions and by laws of ssg

Supervise members in planning and arranging meetings or programs of activities; d. Serve as the grievance for their respective Grade Level; c. Three 3 successive unexcused absences.

Have not been subjected to any disciplinary sanctions; and e. Terminal report must be submitted to the school authorities and the incoming SSG officers during the turn-over of responsibilities.

The General Fund shall be allotted accordingly.

Constitutions and by Laws of Ssg

Submit financial and accomplishment reports to the school authorities on a monthly basis. Trust Funds shall consist of the SSG devbelopmental Fee, the amount of which shall be regulated by the SSG in consultation and with the approval of the School Head but in no case shall it exceed the limit set by the Department of education in an appropriate official issuance.

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Duties of the Year Level Representatives a. Annual dues maybe paid in on lump sum in advance at the beginning of the fiscal year.

Members shall have the right to enjoy freedom of speech. Help the students develop self-confidence d.

Kalinga Academy-SSC/SSG

Such proposal shall be carried through a resolution duly signed and concurred in by a majority vote of the School SSG officers, the Division or Regional Federations officers concerned voting separately. Certify the legitimacy and correctness of the disbursement of funds; b.

The President shall have the power to create any committee as may be deemed necessary. Perform such other duties assigned by the SSG. Accept or revoke candidacy; e. To conduct meetings and session with the members of the SSG and also to the students.

Approve or disapprove expenditures of the Organization in accordance with the current budget of the Organization.

Build and maintain a credible image of the SSG; c.

AECES Constitution and by-laws

Mar 17,  · Sec.1 This Constitution and By- Laws may be amended or modified in full or in part once every three (3) years from its official issuance through a DepEd order or Memorandum.

Sec.2 The school SPG, the Division and/ or Regional Federations of Pupil Governments may propose amendments. * Presence of the Rule of Law Dicey’s definition was formulated in the context of British law which lacked a written constitution, but its significance is evident in Australian law.

Firstly, Constitutions and by Laws of Ssg Essay. medical condition, except as explicitly exempted in federal law. ARTICLE IV OFFICERS & DUTIES 1. The officers of this organization shall be: President: Vice-President: Secretary: Treasurer: 2. To be eligible for office, candidates must be regularly enrolled students at Winthrop University and: (list additional officer criteria, if any).

3. The Official Website of Caraga Regional Science High School.

Constitution and by-laws

Section 5 [Optional]: Membership in some organizations is by invitation. If this applies, indicate who is authorized to extend an invitation to join and, the selection process and vote required.

Section 6 [Optional]: Some organizations have a probationary period for. Northside High School Science Club Constitution and By-Laws Article I: Purpose of the Northside High School Science Club The primary purpose of the NHS Science Club is to encourage scholastic effort, foster scientific literacy and interest in science.

Constitutions and by laws of ssg
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Constitution and By-Laws - Sorsogon State College