Patricia piccinini materials and techniques

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Patricia Piccinini's hyper-real world of new life forms comes to Warrnambool

Patricia Piccinini’s sculptures of hybrid creatures question the implications of biotechnologies and humanity’s encroachment into “natural” processes. Expanding the hyperrealist tradition in sculpture, Piccinini uses an array of materials—including silicone, leather, and human hair—to form beings that might result from genetic science.

Hug: Recent Work by Patricia Piccinini is cocurated by Robin Held, chief curator and director of exhibitions and collections, Frye Art Museum, and Patricia Hickson, curator, Des Moines Art Center.

Employing a wide range of materials and techniques, Piccinini’s artworks are made collaboratively with a support team of specialists. A forest of grandmothers and a silent quartet. In conversation with Yuval Avital.

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Art can challenge, inspire, question, and provoke, and in the case of Patricia Piccinini her creations can do all of those things at the same time. Patricia Piccinini is known all around the world for her “mutation” of the hyperrealist human, or you may say, anthropomorphized forms that are inspired by her research about tissue engineering.

Using foam, silicon, paints and human hair the sculptures look so real that it’s even strange to face them. the exhibition Patricia Piccinini: Once upon a time Similar to other sculptures in the exhibition, aloft is constructed from a wide range of materials including fibreglass, felted human hair and wool, steel cable, silicon, horse hair, clothing, and electronic motors.

Patricia piccinini materials and techniques
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