The personal life and travels of marco polo

In Persia they were to arrange a marriage between one of Kublai Khan's regional rulers and a Mongol princess. By his own account he came near the edge of Tibet and northern Burma.

Only a few members of the wedding entourage survived the journey of almost two years, but luckily the survivors included the Polos and the princess. The Polos had been on the road for only a few days when they heard that their friend Teobaldo had been elected pope as Gregory X.

What Are Some Marco Polo Quick Facts?

He probably never left Venetian territory again. After being released from prison inMarco Polo went back to being a merchant and ammassed considerable wealth. According to de Rachewiltz, the concordance of Polo's detailed account of the princess with other independent sources that gave only incomplete information is proof of the veracity of Polo's story and his presence in China.

A painting of Shizu, better known as Kublai Khan, as he would have appeared in the s although this painting is a posthumous one executed shortly after his death in February ofby a Nepalese artist and astronomer Anige.

Finally, the Polos returned to Venice in For example, Odoric of Pordenone said that the Yangtze river flows through the land of pygmies only three spans high and gave other fanciful tales, while Giovanni da Pian del Carpine spoke of "wild men, who do not speak at all and have no joints in their legs", monsters who looked like women but whose menfolk were dogs, and other equally fantastic accounts.

Early Life Despite his enduring fame, very little was known about the personal life of Marco Polo. They were assigned one last task: Kublai Khan gives financial support to the Polo family, and accepts gifts of the Venetians.

Latham works several texts together to make a readable whole. Some in the Middle Ages viewed the book simply as a romance or fable, largely because of the sharp difference of its descriptions of a sophisticated civilisation in China to other early accounts by Giovanni da Pian del Carpine and William of Rubruck who portrayed the Mongols as "barbarians" who appeared to belong to "some other world".

The Polo party left Venice in The tradition is that Polo dictated the book to a romance writer, Rustichello da Pisawhile in prison in Genoa between — Marco did not go with them. The Yuan Mongol empire c. The khan could also observe for himself that young Marco was a good candidate.

His father Niccolo and his uncle Maffeo went to China in to set up a trading business. Their chance to return to Europe came inwhen they were sent on a mission to Persia and then to Rome. The British historian David Morgan thought that Polo had likely exaggerated and lied about his status in China, [90] while Ronald Latham believed that such exaggerations were embellishments by his ghost writer Rustichello da Pisa.

The Travels of Marco Polo Critical Essays

Even from beyond the grave, the khan was a powerful man, and the Polos were amply supplied with horses, provisions and escorts that could take them through dangerous passages and show them the right routes.

The entire section is 1, words. Marco, his father, and his uncle not only survived-itself an achievement amid the political hazards of the time-but also prospered Great Lives from History Marco Polo was one of the most important and famous explorers and writers from Europe; however, the details of his early life and person life are hard to discover.

They even visited China. Both his father Niccolo and his uncle Maffeo were wealthy jewel merchants. Marco was released from prison in The friars quickly abandoned the expedition, but the Polos continued on, possibly by camel, to the Persian port city of Hormuz.

In Marco served as a gentleman-commander of a ship in the Venetian navy. In his will he left most of his modest wealth to his three daughters, a legacy that included goods which he had brought back from Asia.

Marco Polo

Rustichello wrote Devisement du Monde in Langues d'Oila lingua franca of crusaders and western merchants in the Orient. The Polo family pushed on without them, travelling through Armenia, Persia and Afghanistan, and following a route that went over the Pamir Mountains of Central Asia to get to China.

Even today, there are those who have attempted to retrace his steps, thus highlighting the influence of this 13 th century Venetian traveler. The Polo brothers returned to Venice in April and the now teenaged Marco could finally be reunited with his father.

Marco Polo was a Christian. After spending three years in Bukhara in present-day Uzbekistan, they were encouraged by a Mongolian embassy to visit Kublai Khangrandson of Genghis Khanwho controlled a huge swath of Asia. Marco Polo was imprisoned in Genoa, where one of his prison mates were a man named Rustichello.

Marco Polo is one of the most well-known heroic travelers and traders around the world. In my paper I will discuss with you Marco Polo's life, his travels, and. Culinary Arts and Personal Services; Education; Learn about Marco Polo's life and his travels to China, where he found some of the important ideas and items we use today.

Marco Polo Lesson. Watch video · Marco Polo ( to January 8, ) was a Venetian explorer known for the book The Travels of Marco Polo, which describes his voyage to and experiences in Asia. Polo traveled extensively with his.

The travels of Marco Polo from Venice to Asia opened up a whole new world to Europeans.

Marco Polo

The story of his journey influenced mapmakers and inspired Christopher Columbus. Early life. Marco Polo. Marco Polo, (born c.Venice [Italy]—died January 8,Venice), Venetian merchant and adventurer, who traveled from Europe to Asia in –95, remaining in China for 17 of those years, and whose Il milione (“The Million”), known in English as the Travels of.

Marco Polo Essay Examples. 49 total results. A Focus on the Heroic Traveler and Trader, Marco Polo. 1, words. 4 pages. An Analysis of Marco Polo as a Person and His Expeditions. The Personal Life and Travels of Marco Polo. 1, words. 4 pages. The Early Life of Marco Polo.

The personal life and travels of marco polo
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